My son's first mini aussie show
This is my sons first show ever!  This is the
Tucson Show Sunday, March 8th, 2009.  He
took Tierra on to win two group 1's, two best
of breeds, took her to best in show ring and
her IBACA Championship. Congratulations
My son showing Copper
Black Tri aussie in dog show
This is my sons second show at the 2009 Desert Holiday Seiger in Tucson,
Arizona on Dec. 6th 2009!  He took Copper on to win:
Winner's Bitch
Best of Winners
and Best of Opposite Sex
for a 5 point major as well as making her a new champion.  Congratulations
again to my up and coming dog handler!!
Urijah bred by A Kings Castle
"Multi BIS, Multi BISS, NAKC Hall of Fame CH.
Multi GR CH. A Kings Castle's Urijah Faber Of Triple R CGC,HIC"

All of Urijah's accomplishments for 2009 had been done with only 3
months of showing!!
He starting showing at 7 months old with his first weekend out taking his
Receiving his MASCA, NAMASCUSA & NAKC Junior Championship in one
By the age of 10 months old Urijah was already a GRAND CHAMPION with
He also won Best Of Breed for the puppy sweeps at the 2009 MASCA
Nationals, then went on to win Premier male
for 2009 at the NAMASCUSA Nationals at only 10 months old!!
By the time Urijah turned 19 months old he was already a NAKC HALL OF
Bailey in jumpers
Bailey in agility
A Kings Castle's Princess Bailey

Miniature australian shepherd owned and loved by
Marcus and Sharon.  Congratulations on Bailey's success
in agility.
Copper at nationals
Boldhearts Copper Queen at the
2007 Mini Aussie Nationals.
Junior handling comments
Junior Handling comments
Congratulations to my son on his success in
Junior handling.  I am very proud of him.
Copper winning at dog show
Copper Best of Winners
Israel and Josey at nationals
Israel showing Josey
Israel taking Josey on to win
reserve winners bitch at the 2010
mini aussie nationals.  
Israel, with his Grandma, Kathy
Tomerlin of Boldheart mini aussies
at the 2010 mini aussie nationals
with all their wins.
Canyon and Dodge
A Kings Castle's The Perfect Storm
aka: Stormy
Second in Puppy Sweeps at the
2010 Mini Aussie Nationals.
2010 NAKC show Phoenix Arizona
Copper takes Winners Bitch and Best of
Winners in the NAKC specialty on Sunday
2010 IABCA Tucson Arizona
Copper takes Winners Bitch and Best of
Urijah working ducks
Urijah catching the frizbee
NAKC show in Phoenix
Urijah helping win generations
A Kings Castle's Urijah Faber of Triple R and daughter
Multi BIS CH Radiant Clear For Take Off with Triple R  mHIC
help to win generations at the 2010 NAMASCUSA nationals.
NAMASCUSA nationals: Doc winners dog
Doc reserve best in show
Dodge winning best in show
A Kings Castle's Ram Tough
aka: Dodge
Best in Show Junior Puppy 2/12/12
Cactus Classic ARBA
Gracie winning best in show junior puppy
A Kings Castle's Grace Like Rain
aka: Grace

Wins two best in show junior puppy
2/12/12 Cactus Classic ARBA
2011 NAMASCUSA nationals:
Saturday 10/15 Doc won winners dog
and best of winners!
Reserve Best In Show
Oct. 1-2, 2011
ICKC Blackhawk Showdown
Junior Handling comments
Congratulations to my Daughter on her
success in Junior handling.  I am very proud of
her too.
Aliyah with her ribbon after winning
Aliyah and Jimmy showing
Jimmy Stacked
Jimmy in the show ring
Aliyah showing Jimmy in Best of Show
Aliyah and Jimmy
Jimmy moving picture
News Flash - Congratulations Aliyah and Jimmy
on all your wins!!!
Aliyah and Jimmy won Group 1, Reserve Best in Show Bred By
and Best in Show Rare Breed and went on to the Grand Seiger at
the Tucson IABCA show 3/10/13
This is Aliyah's third time showing!
A huge thank you to Patti for letting Aliyah show Jimmy this
Jimmy was bred here at A Kings Castle
Aliyah and Jimmy show picture
Que with his ribbon
Que in Jumpers
miniature australian shepherd Que agility jumps
Que after competing
Que mini aussie  in agility tunnel
red tri mini aussie Que agility weaving poles
Que has achieved titles in three organizations in just under one year of competition.
He has His starters titles in Gamble, Snooker ,Jumpers and Standard as well as his advanced title in Gamble, Snooker,
Jumpers and Standard  in the Agility Association of Canada or AAC.
As well, Que has his novice standard in Regular in the North American Dog Agility Council INC or NADAC .
Finally Que has his Novice titles in both Jumpers with Weaves and also Standard in  the Canadian Kennel Club agility
or CKC.
He achieved the last three titles in NADAC and CKC in one weekend each with first and Q’s in most of the runs.
Que is a fun boy who loves to play with me. We are also doing Rally O obedience and he has 1 Q in starters Rally O.
His mom (me) walked past stations and that resulted in non q’s for our other two runs.
Que learned to do his weaves in under a month using the 2 by 2 method and has awesome weaves.
Que is a fun awesome boy and we are so glad he is in our lives.
Lahni Thompson and Que

Update: 5/1/2013
More boasts!!! Que has his Masters Agility dog of Canada( MADC) He got 3 masters standards at a trial a couple of
weeks ago and one earlier. As well, he has two masters snookers and two teams so we are on our way towards his
ATCH (Agility Trial Champion) Also, I don’t know if I mentioned it but he has his novice agility in CKC in both standard
and jumpers and his novice Rally O in CKC Just love him Lahni

Update: 1/18/2015
Que coming 2 with  SCORE OF 99 IN RALLY o LAHNI

Update: 2/20/15
Que got his agility trial championship and I thrilled hope he ends up on your brags Lahni

Update: 12/30/15
Que ran clean and under time to achieve his Bronze Award of Merit in Steeplechase last weekend. This makes 14
titles in The Agility, Association of Canada. He also has 4 titles in CKC agility and 4 in CKC Rally-O, and 2 in NADAC.
Such a fun boy he loves to work.

Update 8/30/16
Que earned his Silver Award of Merit last weekend. A Silver Award of merit means he earned 25 standard runs and 50
games runs.

Update 2/12/17
Que got his Bronze jumpers today (10jumpers in AAC) yay Que!
Best Junior Handler
Doc in tunnels during MASCA nationals agility
Doc in Agility Jumpers
Doc in Jumpers
Dog in tunnels
Doc 2014 MASCA Nationals
Liberty in rally
LIberty on the bridge in agility
LIberty in agility
Liberty in agility
LIberty in tunnels
A Kings Castles Liberty Bell earning her obedience title at
MASCA nationals 2016.  Also pictured is my daughter
running agility and me running tunnels with her.  
Winning Junior Handling at nationals
New Champion
A Kings Castle
Australian Shepherds