Just a little update on the most wonderful Aussie in the world!  Banjo has
been to the creek a couple times now and has taken to swimming like a
duck to water - not the girlie swimmer our other aussie was!  He's always the
favorite in a crowd as he 's so friendly yet well behaved.  We are taking
classes (mostly for socialization) but I have been doing training at home and
the instructor was watching our loose leash work around the store with
sitting for introductions to strangers and she said he was an outstanding
puppy and would go far - then she wanted to know if I was a professional
trainer.  He is up to about 3 or 4 miles on our hikes - we try and go easy on
his little joints as the dogs still run and jump up and down rock ledges etc.
so we don't want him to do too much.  It's been super cool here so
overheating is not a problem.  And he loves the snack and water breaks.  
He's finally housebroken (fingers crossed) and now stands by the door
when he wants to go out.  I'm keeping him in the crate another week or so
but he's already asked if he can sleep out on the big boy bed by our bed.  He
does love his crate though and doesn't even need to be told to go night
night anymore - he just gets in and goes right back in if he goes out for early
morning potty and we aren't quite ready to get up.  He and the cat are still
best wrestling buds and I wish I could have caught the pic of the cat on his
back with his paws in front of Banjo's eyes and his head on Banjo's head -
toooo funny! He loves all his doggy toys and like having small children we
constantly have to pick up and put everything back in the doggy toy box.  
Every few days we have kong treats which is a kong ball with cheese whiz
in it (just a 1/2 tsp for him for flavor) but they both go nuts for it.  I can't tell
you what a wonderfully bred dog he is - absolutely ideal temperament -
brave, energetic yet willing to settle, friendly and super, super smart.  He's a
joy!  Thank you so much and keep breeding that temperament!   

Update 5/3/13

Hi Yvonne!  Just another update on the most perfect puppy in the world!  
Here's a pic of Banjo a couple weeks ago going to a birthday bash with me.  
He's had two outings with the horses now and is a super trail dog.  His
obedience training is a piece of cake - come, sit, down, heel,  leave it,
beginnings of stay.  He has always come when called - didn't really need to
be trained!  I could not have picked a more perfect temperament if I tried!  
Gosh, but I love this dog!  And my dad, a lepidopterist (butterfly collector) is
tickled that his "grandson" loves to chase butterflies.  He and our cat,
Huggy, are best buds.  Just too fun!  T
"We are still enjoying our puppy Koda...He has really turned out to
be a handsome dog.  Beautiful markings and well proportioned.  
We are always getting compliments on what a beautiful dog he is.
Owned and Loved by
The Bramwell Family
"They have now been to 15 different states.  
The individual picture is to show you their
daily routine of laying in his lap to get some
loving...Jodi pushes on his chin and grunts if
he stops rubbing her.
Owned and Loved by
Dan and Marjorie Joe
Owned and loved by
Carola Jacobson
"...He is such a lovely dog, and I am sure the reason why he is such
a wonderful dog, had a lot to do with your family!!!  I still can't
believe he is with us.  I have seen a lot of puppies over the last two
weeks but he had just something about him, he immediately had
my heart the moment I walked in your door...Right now Scooter is
sleeping like a baby in Samuel's bed, snoring away...I am so
attached to that dog, when I go away for a few hours to work, I start
missing him and call at home to see how he is doing.  He is like my
third child...I like all of my pets but I am just totally smitten with that
little stink."
Ella Bella
Owned and loved by
Liz Mathers
Owned and Loved by
Kim Stoehr
Here is what Kim had to say about her puppy: "I can't tell you how happy I am with
Emma!!  The first day she was in shock and we had a house full of people and two big
dogs and two big cats.  She adjusted amazingly well and every day since, she has
become more and more confident...She is calm, intelligent, and a hoot!  When she falls
asleep in my arms I think I am the luckiest person in the world!!...Just know that I am
totally in love with Miss Emma,...
Emma went to the vet...she is in excellent health!...Emma charms everyone she meets!!  
She is so beautiful..

Update 5/5/09 Well, about Emma! She finished Obedience I, Good Citizenship Test, and
International Therapy Dog Training. I am so proud of her and she breaks hearts
everywhere she goes. I know I am biased, but she is so beautiful that I swear she could
show and win! Her fur has moved from fuzzy puppy fur, to baby bear fur, to yak fur, to
the most beautiful silky fur my groomer has ever seen! She has been my constant
companion and couch potato with me. On her therapy dog observations she brought
so many smiles to the elderly and stroke victims that my instructor immediately sent a
recommendation to Duke saying they had to put Emma on the roster because she was
so loving and well behaved. What can I say? You and your mom are incredible
breeders and people. And your dogs are just too beautiful both inside and out!!

Kim Stoehr, Emma's Mom
Owned and loved by
Marcus and Sharon Lopez
...Bailey went for her checkup today and she got a clean bill of
health....we love her to death!  She is so adorable...my daughter is crazy
about her.  We are so happy everything went smoothly.  Thank you for
everything!...Bailey is doing just great!!!  She is so sweet and so
outgoing, and she amazes us everyday.  We cannot believe how
incredibly smart she is!  She learns things in a matter of minutes...She is
quite a character...
Owned and Loved by
Erin Penny
"Ok, I have to brag a little.  After Baron's obedience for agility class...his
instructor started commenting about how bright he was.  She said that
Baron was out shining all of the other dogs.  I've got to let you know that
for the other dogs this is a refresher course and they were already taught
contacts.  Well Baron has never been shown anything like that before yet
he picked it up in a minute.  G-d he is a smart dog!  I love having the star
pupil!  Then his instructor said that he looked more like an Aussie than
any of the other mini's she has seen.  She was very impressed with his
bone!  I was ecstatic!  I told her that I had a wonderful breeder who
breeds for sustenance and not just for size.  I also had to add that he has
good genes."
Owned and Loved by
David Swan
"...just wanted to let you know Cocoa is doing great.  Very sweet, very
smart...just totally attached to me, I guess I am her new mom...She is a
real sweetheart.  Thank you."
Here's what are new families are saying...
Owned and Loved by Dr.
Pam Muhonen, DVM
"I have to tell you I am still very impressed with your
disposition on your pups...your early socialization and good
breeding really shows!"
She is a happy girl and is so smart!  We are so glad she is a part of our lives.  Mocha is
super smart and learns quickly. Housebreaking her was a breeze and I don’t think she had
but a few accidents in the house.  She is still very active and loves to swim! She knows
commands like sit, down, high five, paw, stay and she loves her walks two-three times a
day unless its too hot then she swims and only takes an early morning walk.  I’ve thought
about doing some agility training cause she’s so quick catching balls, frisbee, pop corn,
etc! Now that she is over a year I thought you might want to see a few pictures of her. She
is now about 32-34 pounds and on the smaller size which is exactly what we wanted. We
do shave her down in the summer since it has been so hot and she dries easier after
swimming. The picture below is Mocha with my two Granddaughters and it looks like a
blade of grass is on her head in this picture.  She’s great with the girls and gets really
excited when they come over.

Thank you again for this very special additional member to our family. She definitely keeps
my husband and I active and gives us constant love and attention!

Barbara Geha
Owned and loved by
Mike and Beth
"I wanted to send you a picture of Jasper at 1 years old. He is the LOVE of our
life's.  We are having such a great time with him.
What ever you are doing to breed such great dogs, keep doing it! We are so
happy with him, words can't describe it.
Thanks again for letting us adopt Jasper."
"I have albums of finny pictures.  Let me know if you guys want any more.  I
love that when I take him to the dog park, he would rather play with the kids
than with the dogs.  Thank you so much for the early socialization!  Plan to
start him in therapy dog training when he hits a year.  Would love for him to
help at a children's hospital.  Thank you again.  You breed brilliant, kind, and
beautiful Aussies."

- Becky
Owned and loved by
Dear Yvonne: I hope all is well with you and your family. I had meant to send you
some pictures of Quigley before now, I just got busy and missed it. Here is a cute
one taken by my daughter. Other than the general puppy chewing, he is a delight.
Very social with other dogs, loves his crate, super mellow. Everyone we see when
we are out with him says how beautiful he is. He truly is the best looking dog in San
Diego. Just wanted to let you know he is happy, healthy and we love him to death!
Thanks again and take care. Paul.
Owned and loved
by The Delmore
Owned and loved by
The Purdin Family
Hi Yvonne,    I am so sorry we havent written sooner,  the 4 days with hubbie was a
novelty and we relished every moment.  OH MY GOODNESS !  is he in head over heels
love with this little girl!  you have no idea!   I cant even put it into words... Larry has named
her "paige" after our favorite family vacation spot lake powell....I cant begin too tell you
what an easy keeper she is.. we put her in her crate at night tell her too "go to bed" and
not a peep out of her until the next morning, occasionally she needs too go potty during
the night and will cry a little and we take her out put her back too bed and once again
sleeping like an  angel. we didn’t even need too put our little pug in there with her..  just in
the past few days her and our pug holly have really began too play, its wonderful
exercise for our pug....the older cat is not a care in the world that there is a new family
member here the younger one however is still sticking too the high ground but I can see
she is slowly coming around.. the vet told us last friday Paige  is perfect, but we already
knew that!.. she has been walking on a leash now for 2-3 days with no trouble, has her
favorite potty spot in the yard and loves laying with daddy on the couch.. she is doing
great with the food transition as well ,.... there is not much more I can say then she is
perfect.. we love . love, love her..... thank you again...talk to you soon...
Liz said this: "Ella Isabella or 'ella bella' is the perfect puppy.  
She is beautiful, smart and very sweet.  She is also a little
spoiled.  We love her! Thanks for bringing her into our lives..."
Owned and loved by
Dana Skipper
Ruby is awesome!  Something funny, the baby doxie learned to
herd from Ruby.  He runs up along side of the other doxie then
turns into a U and bumps the other dog with his butt.  It is so
funny and he had to learn it from her because doxies don't
normally do that! LOL  Thanks for letting us adopt the BEST
Aussie in the world!
Just a little update on Cinchie boy. We all are having so much
fun with him! Last week he got to herd sheep, he's a natural!
He had a ball, he is so beautiful to watch. Also loves going
everywhere we go, he enjoys riding in the sand rail at the
dunes, loves the park, we hike everyday. He also thinks its fun
to herd our grandkids..!!We love him.
Thanks so much!    
Owned and loved by
the Hendershott Family

Buddy went for his medical today and our vet said he is doing fine.  I
am happy and relieved.

Attached are a few pictures of Buddy that we took yesterday, his first
day with his new family.  From what I have seen so far, this puppy is
going to be very easy to house train, and he is very bright and
out-going!  I am so pleased to welcome him into my home and my
heart.  You raised a good puppy Yvonne.  Thank you.
Owned and loved by

Hi Yvonne,

Yogi is doing Fantastic!!!  He is so awesome and smart.  We are half way through
puppy kindergarten he sits, down, leave it, rolls over, crawls etc.  He runs the
squirrels crazy in the yard and has a blast at our farm.  He is starting to enjoy the
boat and water.   He is very talky which I love, not yappy he just wants to tells us
what he wants in a talky way.  He smiles at us when we arrive back home.  I just
can't thank you enough for raising such a wonderful,l smart, social puppy. I'm
sure I forgot to write other great things he is doing but I will update again soon.


PS.. I think agility will be a great thing for him at puppy K he was king of the hill on
the playground lol.

Update: 7/20/12 He is doing wonderful!  He is the light of our lives.  We have one
more week of kindergarten then on to puppy 2 class.  He is so so smart and
loveable.  EVERYBODY loves him.  He acts like a mature puppy nothing scares
him.  Bottom line is you raise fabulous puppies!!!!

Update: 1/2/15  They love each other.  Sure will. He is amazing with her.  She is
also wonderful.  Thank you so much for being so great at breeding.
Yogi and Lexi
Owned and loved by the
Nesius Family
Well, it hard to get her to stand still enough to see how tall she is, lol, but it
looks like about 15 1/2 inches from the floor to the top of her shoulder? She is 6
1/2 months and has some growing still to do, but I don't think she will get as tall
as Jake who is like 19 or 19 1/2. I know Jake's size is out of bounds for mini's,
but it's just fine for our family. We love big dog's too :-) I am not a breeder and
don't know all the ins and outs, but from my and my family's perspective, we
have two of the greatest dogs alive :-)  And I completely agree that Sophie is
soooooooooooooo pretty. She is her daddy's girl :-) I hesitated to get her
spayed, and thought about talking with you about letting her have one litter, but
then I seriously wouldn't have been able to give up the puppies! She has such
a great personality, she's gorgeous, the right size, and good bone structure as
far as I can see. A real gem of a pup. I had a calendar made up with Sophie and
Jake's puppy pictures-it's great. We are one happy aussie family thanks to you!

Update 8/7/13:  Hi Yvonne. I wanted to let you know that I started Sophie in
agility classes and holy cow is she a natural at it. She had only 3 beginning
group class lessons before she was advanced two levels up to an intermediate
class and after participating in just one of those classes she has already caught
up to their level. Maureen , the owner of Dog Central Station and the Managing
Dog Trainer who has many years of experience teaching Dog Agility,  told me
tonight that Sophie has absolutely every desirable trait there is for agility, and
that she is exactly what every trainer looks for when they choose a dog for
agility! I am really proud of her, and wanted to share with you just how
wonderful she is in every way :-)
Sophie and Jake
Owned and loved by
The Earl Family
Just a note to let you know how fantastic Starr is doing.  Her full name will be A
Kings Castle Wish Upon A Star.   We will call her Starr with 2 rr's.  She is the most
fantastic puppy.  We love her so much!  She has become quite a traveler and
loves to go places.  She has admirers every place we visit.  She has her picture
taken by everyone and the comments are so nice.  One recent comment was...
"My, she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen".
She is truly loved by my collies Sirius and Bogart who watch over her and guard
her as if she were a small child.  If she gets into something she should not, Bogart
comes and gets me to let me know.  He is such a smart dog when it comes to
puppy care.  Sirius has become her watchful mother also that makes sure she
stays near her when they are in the yard.  Star is not afraid of anything so we
have to watch her near the horses.   Our saddlebred really seems to like her and
always puts a soft nose to her, but I am always there for security.  I am so glad we
have her, she is pure joy for us.
Thank you for bringing such great puppies into the world, not just for their great
beauty but for their personality too.
Attached you will find a picture of Starr and our family.  The tri color Aussie
belongs to a friend of ours.   Their puppy spends a great deal of time at our home
and loves playing with Starr. Those two pups have so much fun and get into so
many things, it just makes life around here an adventure!  Starr is so beautiful as
her pictures show.
I feel bad I had not written to you sooner but school keeps me very busy.  I just
became a Rodel 2013 Teacher of the Year!  So that has really filled up my time as
of late.
Again thank you for such a wonderful puppy!  I can't imagine a more beautiful or
happy puppy in the world.  We hope to buy again from you in the future.
Best Regards,
Owned and Loved by the
Perryman Family
Just an update on Dodge he is doing really well. We are in our first real agility class and
he is amazing! He does perfect weave poles after 15 minutes of time with the weaves!
This weekend we walked with our agility club in a big Christmas parade and he took it all
in stride! Long wait, bands, lots of other dogs, strange people... He didn't care at all!
Again such a great boy to have. I am going to try to get some agility pics of him to send
you. I am being really careful to not over-use or train him too much early... He gets
everything so quickly I want to have a good agility partner for a really long time to come  
it's hard because he and I both have a blast at it! Here are a couple of pics of him at the

Hi Yvonne,
Just a quick update on Auggie (flame). He is the best puppy I've ever had. Such a quick
learner and nothing upsets him. He's learning about going to work and the horses, cats
and is great at night in the crate. A tiny bit of crying but settles right down. He's really
getting the hang of house training so fast. Only one accident, that was my fault because
I hadnt learned his signs yet. This time of year my schedule is hectic and he goes where
I do and doesn't mind at all. You raise amazing dogs. Thanks for another great
companion. Hoping to start some agility once he's old enough in the off season.

Auggie is doing great. Had his first check up and booster shots last week, clean bill of
health. He's 20 pounds now!! He eats like a horse lol... He's just the best puppy ever. So
much Fun. He's gotten the hang of our work schedule and I'm starting some
obedience/ground work for agility. He has high toy and treat drive so he will be loads of
fun!! Thank you so much for raising such amazing dogs. He's had my heart since the
moment I met him.

Hi Yvonne,
Just an update on super puppy Auggie. He is growing like a weed!! He weighed 28
pounds at his vet appointment last week for his neuter.  We had a meeting today to start
obedience/agility training with a great local trainer and will start some private lessons
next week to get caught up to her current class. She was very impressed with how fast
he learns and he is fearless... he went on the Wobble board, the table, a small tunnel and
the contact trainer with no second thoughts!! He's going to be fun. I'll send pictures
once we are doing things ! He's gone on a couple of farm calls with me and is better
behaved at work than at home lol... I've been a little lax with the obedience things,  but
we will get all that straightened out quickly!
Thanks again for raising such amazing dogs!!

Dodge and Auggie
Owned and loved by
It’s been a while since we’ve communicated.  Our little Lucy was
one of your litter of January 26, 2011.  She has grown to be a
wonderful girl.  She is smart, energetic, and friendly to all – I’m
attaching a couple of pictures.  We are about to begin some agility
work with her, which she will love....Thanks, Yvonne.  She is very
beautiful, and we love her to death.
Owned and loved by the
Volkmann family
Just wanted to check in and let you know how much we love
Paisley.  She has been such a joy for us---just wish we were as
smart and as fast as she is!!  She loves chasing the ball....or
anything else that moves, we no longer need an alarm clock and
if the keys are in our hands, she is at the door ready to go.  Our
only regret is that we didn't get Hank, too--it would have been
fun watching them growing up together.

We receive so many compliments on Paisley and she loves the
attention.....if they don't see her at first, they certainly hear her
"singing" for their praises.

Thanks for all of your help in getting her to us last
summer....we've had so much fun with her and she is our
constant companion.
Owned and loved by the
Zubrod family
I hope this finds you and your family well as we are entering the
Holiday season. Now that the weather is becoming more
enjoyable by the day, I'm able to take Brynlee out for walks and to
play catch outside more... Here is our most recent pic. Wanted to
share with you... She is doing sooo wonderful and I love her to
pieces  Thank you!!!
Owned and loved by
Lovin our baby "Tiny" (that's what we decided to name her)! She is
fabulous and a great addition to our family...We love our Tiny. She
not only rides in my bike basket, but she also loves to go floating
with us. She's weighing in at 7 pounds now...lol...I think we have
the cutest dog ever! See attached. :-)
Owned and loved by the
Yeomans family
We are doing wonderful and my Pistol baby is so loved and spoiled! She is the best
little dog around everywhere I take her people compliment how pretty she is.... I am
so attached I take her everywhere she even goes in the shower with me haha she is
never far from my feet I LOVE IT!, she is learning new things every day she listens so
good, she is too smart I think haha.... she is the sweetest and best thing that has ever
happened to me I want to thank u again. I am so addicted I think I might be looking to
get her a friend :-)
I have attached some pics of her, they arent that good but I hope u see how cute she
is... ill be sending more this weekend as its our first rodeo together! And I am so
excited to finally take her with me to the barrel races!

Hi Yvonne!!!!
So funny u wrote me I was just looking At ur website last night at all the new pups
pistol and I have been itching to get her a new little friend but I can't decide I love her
so much and her and I are so attached I don't know if I want to give any attention to
another pup haha she's like my child i wouldn't want her to get jealous.... Anyways ill
round up some pics for u she's Doing absolutely wonderful I got her spayed awhile
ago and let me tell u she's turning into a tank!!! Everyone loves her and is always
complimenting her she's the best little dog!!!! She's only getting better every day!!!
Spoiled little thing always in bed with me under blankets her head on her pillow next
to mine!! Under me at all times if I'm running around cleaning stalls or working my
horses u are sure to see that pretty little face of hers right around the corner from
me!!!! I still couldn't thank u enough she's the best!!! I tell people she's my kid and
everyone sees it!!! I love that little dog with all I can... Anywho ill round up some pics
for u and send them ur way!!! Hope all is well with ur family and 4 legged ones!!!
Happy holidays
Always Johnna and pistol!!!
Owned and loved by
A few shots of our puppies enjoying the day!  Boom believes
we have finally gone insane. . . Hope all is going very well for
you and your family!  Things here are great.  Boom is IN LOVE
with HIS puppy.  He dotes on Wallaby like an obsessive
mother.  Wallaby seems very happy with this arrangement.  
They are often curled up together, but always move as soon as I
pick up the camera.  This is the closest I have gotten so far...I
figured I owed you some Wallaby photos so here they are!  Isn't
he a handsome little man?  He is so, so sweet and just has the
most wonderful nature.  He and Boom are getting along well
although I think Boom is exhausted!  You can start to see the
grown up dog Wallaby is going to become.  It is a fun time even
if he is a little awkward with his new size!  I love the way
puppies move though.  Not to be outdone, Boomerang posed as
well.  Hugs to all.  Thank you for our most wonderful dogs!  

Boom and Wallaby are becoming great friends and we are over
the moon about them both.

Thank you again and again!!
Boom and Wallaby
Owned and loved by the
Kronengold family
Just wanted to give you an update of Sophia.  She is growing and healthy, just
returned from the vets office.  She is in puppy school and is the star of the class
in both agility and obedience, though she is somewhat shy around the larger
dogs.  She much prefers people to dogs.  I brought Dakota home from your Mom’
s place two weeks ago and Sophia delights in playing and rough housing with
her and especially in teaching her the few bad habits she has (like climbing into
the raised flower beds).  I watched from the window and she patiently jumped up
and down in and out until Dakota caught on and did the same.  When I walked
outside she smiled at me and looked so innocent.  I put up a fence but she will
probably figure that out soon.
She has such a pretty face that everywhere we go people stop us to ask about
her, what breed and remark on her coloring.  We can hardly make one round of
the farmer’s market.  She is sweet, loving and well behaved.  At the age of three
months, she knows the commands sit, down, stand, touch and stay and usually
does them on the first command.
Thank you for the care and love you put into the breeding of these wonderful
dogs.  It certainly shows in Sophia.  I will send pictures as soon as I can get her
to stand still and pose :-
Owned and Loved by
Hope all is well out your way.  Skylar graduated Puppy I class a few
weeks ago and we are now in Puppy II. We're working diligently on
heeling as she tends to be a jumping bean! Lol Our instructors seem to
think it's because she very attune to watching my eyes for commands
instead of my body language. However, slowly but surely, we are making

It has been such a joy to watch her advance from being a "not so sure
about this" puppy, to a curious and ingenious teenager! Lol She has
mastered how to press the button in the back seat to roll the window
down, so I have to keep them locked at all times when we're traveling.

She attended her first fox hunt this past February with us and won
everyones' hearts! She bounced from lap to lap while recieving plenty of
lovin' and ice cubes (her most favorite treat!)!!  She goes with me every
weekend to a local fox preserve where we exercise and train our walker
hounds. Her job is to run to the hounds (of course they follow her) and
then she runs back to me as if she's saying, "Here ya' go, Mom". As soon
as I catch the hound and have them loaded in the truck, she hops in the
front seat ready to go again! She's a true mess!!  she has also become the
puppy baby sitter to the hound puppies we raise. She thoroughly enjoys
them chasing her around the yard.

I believe she may have a bit of allergies due to the high pollen we have
here in Virginia this time of year, so we have an appointment to discuss
with the vet.

I just wanted to touch base with you and fill you in on the type of friend
she has become not only to me, but everyone she meets.

Thanks again! Stephanie

Skylar and I are all the way to the right in the picture.
Skylar (far right)
Owned and loved by
He's so smart.  He's learning very fast. He likes this pillow I put on the floor.  We
truly love Louie! He's our pride and joy! Thank you for helping raise such a
beautiful boy.  Louie loves to play with us a lot and loves to meet new people.  
He sleeps through the night, isn't afraid of loud noises, and he is so smart.  He
is an adorable Aussie!
Owned and Loved by
Sharon & Jenna
Yes, we picked him up and he is absolutely gorgeous!  I can't believe how
amazing his eyes are and his coloring is just so vibrant and powerful- the
pictures definitely did not do him justice!!  His temperament is awesome so
far- he seems to be a cuddler and is very trusting of us already.  Last night,
he slept through the night with barely a peep.  Our Maggie is going to take a
little while to get used to him but he seems very interested in her and I'm
sure he will win her over soon enough :)  Thank you SO much- we are SO
SO happy with him!!!  We will keep in touch.

Thanks again,
Owned and Loved by the
Kirk Family
I just want to tell you that our little Snitch "aka" Sebastian is doing great the
family just loves him! He loves to cuddle in our arms but I'm not sure how
easy it will be to pick him up in our arms as he gets bigger. He has definetly
filled the void in our hearts that we had when we lost our two labs. I will try
and send you some picturs of our little guy next time.  I will be referring
someone else to you that is interested in an Aussie. Thank you Yvonne.

Update 6/30/14

Hello Yvonne,  
It's hard to believe it's been a little over a year since we got Sebastian "aka"
Snitch from you.  
Our boy is all grown up and spoiled rotten! I mean who could resist that
adorable handsome
face. He enjoys playing hide-n-seek with the kids but over all just likes to be
the center of attention.
Thank you for bringing such joy to our family.

The Serrano Family
Owned and loved by the
Serrano Family
Owned and loved by the
Yates Family
Que has achieved titles in three organizations in just under one year of competition.
He has His starters titles in Gamble, Snooker ,Jumpers and Standard as well as his
advanced title in Gamble, Snooker, Jumpers and Standard  in the Agility Association of
Canada or AAC.
As well, Que has his novice standard in Regular in the North American Dog Agility Council
Finally Que has his Novice titles in both Jumpers with Weaves and also Standard in  the
Canadian Kennel Club agility or CKC.
He achieved the last three titles in NADAC and CKC in one weekend each with first and Q’
s in most of the runs.
Que is a fun boy who loves to play with me. We are also doing Rally O obedience and he
has 1 Q in starters Rally O. His mom (me) walked past stations and that resulted in non q’s
for our other two runs.
Que learned to do his weaves in under a month using the 2 by 2 method and has
awesome weaves.
Que is a fun awesome boy and we are so glad he is in our lives.
Lahni Thompson and Que

Update: 5/1/2013
More boasts!!! Que has his Masters Agility dog of Canada( MADC) He got 3 masters
standards at a trial a couple of weeks ago and one earlier. As well, he has two masters
snookers and two teams so we are on our way towards his ATCH (Agility Trial Champion)
Also, I don’t know if I mentioned it but he has his novice agility in CKC in both standard
and jumpers and his novice Rally O in CKC Just love him Lahni
miniature australian shepherd Que agility jumps
Hi Yvonne

We just wanted to let you know how well Rocket (formerly Sizzle) was
doing. It took him 6 mos to be fully house trained, but after that he
had it down. You were right about him being big...he turned one year
old a month ago and is about 55 lbs. He is a great family dog and
loves going with us on hikes, on car rides and to the park. He has
gorgeous coloring, is great with our son and is very affectionate,
playful and talkative. He is a great family dog and is very loved!

Thank you so much,
Laura Lewnes
Owned and Loved by the
Lewnes Family
Yogi is a lover!  There was such a void in our lives when we lost our 16yr old
Aussie.  Yogi put on his "big boy pants" and has worked to establish his own
place in our hearts.  From his first ride home in our Jeep, he captured us
completely  He sleeps peacefully in his nighttime crate, and has mastered our
doggie door to the backyard.  He is exceptionally smart, handsome and loving.  
Potty training has been a breeze.
Our neighborhood dogs have embraced him as one of the gang, and he fully
enjoys his daily walks.  Loves to go "Jeep'n" and bounces along in the back seat
like a trooper.
He is so handsome!! Everyone that meets him comments on his gorgeous
merling.  His temperament is a tribute to your early socialization.  Thank you for
letting us adopt him, we are complete now.

PS:  Thursday Yogi passed his first Vet wellness visit with flying colors.  He was
the center of attraction. In fact, he received a "personal" escorted visit around
the vet office to meet all the employees.  All concluded that he is "the cutest
puppy ever".
Owned and Loved by the
Montgomery family
Hey Yvonne,
I just wanted to let you know that Eli is doing fantastically! He slept the
whole flight and car ride home. Unfortunately this led to him being up all
night. I took him out 3 times during the night and one time even played
with him a bunch which seemed to do the trick and he was then able to
sleep for a few hours, but would only sleep if I slept on the floor outside
his crate lol. Hopefully tonight he'll be comfortable enough to sleep on his
own so I can get some rest. This morning we worked on the sit and lay
down commands and boy did he pick them up quickly! He'll do just about
anything for food  he now sits every time on command for a piece of kibble
and will lay down more often than not. We also worked in walking on the
leash and he was a pro! Only took a few minutes to get used to the
harness. I'm convinced you saddled me with the puppy genius of the litter

Eli had his first check up this morning. He has a clean bill of health and
has been started on heart worm preventative and flea medicine. The vet
was very impressed with his training thus far.

Good morning Yvonne! Elijah is still as perfect as last time I checked in
with you. I took this great picture of him Monday, so I thought I'd share it
with you.

Ps. I can't get people to stop raving about how handsome my little guy is.
Even his vet is in love with him  
Owned and Loved by
Hey Yvonne it's Lauren and Erik. We bought our Mini
"Brody" from your May litter last year. His name at that
time was Hershey. Anyhow, we couldn't be happier or
more in love with him and have you to thank for breeding
such a quality dog. We are so happy that we are hoping
to get him a brother or a sister from your next litter at the
end of March....Thanks a bunch. We have attached a
picture of Brody. As you can see, he thinks he's human :)

Hey Yvonne. Lauren and I just wanted you to know how
blessed we have been in you bringing Sadie into our
lives. These two dogs have in just 12 short days become
best friends. I believe we made the best decision by far in
choosing her. Though I guess you could say she chose
US. Brody is the best big brother a pup could hope for.
He is gentle and assertive. He is patient beyond belief. We
were pleased how quickly she picked up potty training
outside as well as crate training. Here are some pics for
Brody Black tri mini aussie.  He thinks he is human.
Hi Yvonne,
Just thought I would shoot you a few pictures of Rye  she is getting
big and she is so much fun! She brings us so much joy everyday and
she has the cutest personality (a little ornery and sassy but still cute!)
she loves to go hiking with us and wants to be involved in everything
we do haha! Anyways just thought I would touch base. Take care

Owned and Loved By
Owned and Loved By
Michelle and Michael
Over a year ago my boyfriend and I met you at a dog show near
Maricopa, AZ and purchased Mable, aka Sam. This was one of the
greatest decisions we ever made! A lot has changed since then,
we are getting married this August and Sam is getting more
amazing! I am proud to say she is a spoiled, loved and happy dog!
She definitely has a personality like you always told us. I wanted
to update you and send you some pictures! Hope you're doing
well! Thank you for giving us an amazing dog!

Michelle and Michael
Brody and Sadie
Owned and Loved by
Lauren and Erik
Owned and Loved By
Dylan and Jenna
Good Morning Yvonne!

We hope all is well! Jenna and I wanted to touch base and let you know everything
is going great with Remy (Doli). She has adjusted extremely well to living with us
and is just as loyal, intelligent, curious and active as we expected. The crate
training has been easy and she is picking up her potty training well although just
like any puppy she has her moments of weakness. Surprisingly enough she
enjoyed her first few Vet appts and everything has checked out perfect. She
managed to weasel some treats out of the staff during the visit by going and sitting
perfectly still in front of every employee she saw.

We are so incredibly happy we chose you as a breeder and appreciate all the info
and guidance you provided us. We attached a few pictures so you can see her
progress. She is gaining about a pound a week!

Update 9/29/2014:  Hi Yvonne,

Jenna and I just wanted to write and give you a few updates on Remy. The past 5
months have blown by and Remy is growing and learning more each day.  She
picks up on tricks and games incredibly quick and has energy for days. Luckily
between short runs and playing frisbee in the park we can burn some of that
energy and get her to calm down while she joins Jenna at work each day.

At this point we cannot imagine what life would be like without her! We hope all of
Remy's brothers and sisters are just as loved and fun and she is! We attached a
few new photos so you can see her progress. Hope all is well.

Dylan & Jenna
Loki the therapy dog.
Loki helping children
About two and a half years ago we purchased our puppy
Loki from you with the idea that he would become a therapy
dog someday.  Loki is now a therapy dog visiting schools for
special needs children with Autism, Down Syndrome, and
other disabilities.  He also visits a children's hospital each
week.  Loki is a wonderful dog with a great temperament.  I
have attached a few pictures to show you what Loki is doing
now as a therapy dog.

Thank you so much for breeding such high quality dogs!


Debbie Bybee
Owned and Loved by
Owned and Loved By
Kim and Rick

You would be so proud or Reilly!  He did not cry AT ALL last night I still got up
twice with him (we went to bed at 9:00 p.m.) but he went back to bed each
time and we slept till 5:30…FANTASTIC!

Also, we’re getting a great schedule going….up 5:30, I sit in the back yard and
play with him and have my bible study time.  Then we go to work and take
breaks during the day…..he did not potty ONCE in the office today, we went
poo and pee each time I walked him – I give him tons of praise and he just
prances around.  He also got to meet about 5 new people today who just
showered him with love.

Something special…..we had a mom in our office today with her son….she
was sad, so I let her hold Reilly.  So in essence he had his first “therapy pup”
job today and did fantastic at it.  *smile*

Anyway, we love, love, love him.  I got a great video of him playing with a ball
within a ball toy I put together for him – kept him busy for 20 minutes (a real
miracle!!!)  I noticed your mom is on Facebook….are you?  If so, I’ll post it to
your site.
Have a great evening!

Kim, Rick and Reilly
Owner: Daniel A. – Murrieta, California
Puppy: Wendy (formally named Nila)
Coat: Blue Merle

I had been looking to add a second mini aussie to the family after our current
tri-black female reached 6 months in age. After viewing several blue merles
within the southern California region, none of them had that same “love at
first sight” moment that I experienced with our tri-black.

I decided to expand my range and found A Kings Castle Mini Aussies and
immediately saw Nila – now Wendy at which point I contacted Yvonne to
confirm she was still available for adoption and made a deposit immediately
after confirmation. Then began the longest 3-and-a-half weeks of my life until
little Wendy was old enough for pick up. She slept the entire drive back to
California and was well energized to meet her big sister. Wendy bonded so
well with our tri-black and did not make a single peep throughout the nights,
as puppies typically do!

Wendy had her vet visit 2 business days after we had brought her home and
the vet said she was a very healthy and beautiful girl. She is so smart,
affectionate and loyal and really is my little shadow. She has socialized very
well with other dogs in the neighborhood. We could not be any happier with
our experience in the adoption process and it was well worth the trip to

It’s amazing how different the two mini aussie’s are in terms of personality; in
a very good way. They really are better in pairs! I would highly recommend
Yvonne and A Kings Castle Mini Aussies to anyone who is looking to add one
of these amazing companions to your family. They are a lot of work but
provide unlimited enjoyment and love in return. Thank you Yvonne
Wendy (on the right)
Owned and Loved By

I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that Ozzy is doing great! We
are so in love with him we can’t imagine him not being a part of our family.  He has
all his puppy shots and is getting neutered tomorrow.  Poor little guy. He has the
best disposition and gets along great with all other dogs, is great on the leash, can
high five, down, sit and stay. He loves to play Frisbee at the park and is still
working on potty training but almost there!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again.  I’ll keep sending pictures! He was one of
the best things we ever did for our family! So in love with him!

Owned and Loved By
The Steininger family
Hi Yvonne!

Anika is doing great! She's mostly sleeping and made it to the potty pad
in time haha, but when she's awake she loves playing too!
Thank you again for giving us such an amazing gift :)


I just wanted to say hello and let you know how our crazy girl is doing,
she had her second set of vaccinations today as well as getting
microchipped and the vet says she is in perfect condition! She didn't
even whine or cry with all those needles, she is a tough girl :)
She is so playful and absolutely loves everyone she meets, she already
fetches like a pro and sleeps through the night without any potty
accidents. We are so blessed to have her thanks to you and your
wonderful family. I've attached some photos for now and will send some
more later on once she can get outside and play, I can't wait for that!
Hope you and the dogs are all doing well, talk to you soon!

Owned and Loved By
Good afternoon Yvonne,

Just an update on Mia, she is in puppy classes and doing great. We love her
so much and she is so smart…sometimes too smart. LOL  sometimes she
seems to understand everything we are saying to her and some days she
ignores us like a rebelling teenager. She loves antagonizing our other dogs
but they love having a little sister to play with. She even had her first sleep
over with my son and daughter in law and they LOVED her so much that they
wanted to keep her. She has adapted very well to everything we have done
with her. She loves going to the lake and riding in our boat. Our kids are all
grown so having Mia has been like having a new baby all over again and
honestly ….despite the 2am wake up calls, it’s been fun. She loves seeing us
when we come home and she is so loving  and excitable that you really can’t
help but fall in love with her. I do have to say that those blue eyes seem to
win us over even when she gets into things that she isn’t suppose to. J


Hello. Well Mia graduates from Intermediate puppy training this Saturday. She
is truly one of the smartest pups we have ever had. She sits, lays down, rolls
over, shakes, will give us high five, stays, waits, will put her 2 front feet on a
bucket, and heels like a pro, all of which she does on command. We are
planning to do the advanced training class after a “fun class” which is all
about learning different tricks. Mia picks up on learning new things very
quickly and seems to love going to school. She is a big hit with those baby
blue (almost white) eyes of hers and still manages to get away with things
because sometimes it’s really hard to say no to her. She loves her teacher
and will whine if she hears her voice when we are waiting to go into class.
Mia is a fan of every person she meets and truly a social butterfly. She mostly
gets along with every dog she meets but does have an attitude with a fellow
classmate that is three times her size. We hope you are all doing well and we
will keep you posted on Mia’s accomplishments.

Mike and Shawn McGullam
Owned and Loved By
The McGullam Family
Hi Yvonne - i just wanted to pass on an update of "Baby Linna" (now our
precious Dakota) and to thank you again for allowing her to become a
part of our family.

She has been an amazing addition and has all the boys in our family
wrapped around her little paws - even tough ole' daddy. She gets along
great with all our kids but gravitates toward our three boys. Although, i
should note Mama is her favorite as planned  

She has also turned into quite the water baby. She loves pool time and
especially loves to "dance" in the shower every morning. See upper left
in attached photo - this girl lives for shower time!!!

Her eyes are still a spectacular blue and i hope they stay that way.
Either way, we love her and thank god everyday that she's out little gal!!

Kelly A
Owned and Loved By
The Abraham Family
Hello Yvonne,

I've also attached a few pictures I like, so you can see how he's
turning out. He is just the best dog ever! He's been completely
healthy, outgoing and super affectionate. Everything a mini
Aussie is supposed to be! He shares the house with a 4 year
old cat and the two of them are best friends.

Thanks for taking such care in breeding these dogs- it really
has been great to have him healthy and happy.

Owned and Loved By
Ali and Simon
Hi Yvonne,

I wanted to let you know that Rico is doing fantastic. He really is
the most amazing pup! So incredibly smart, and catches on to
everything so quickly…had the dog door situation and “sit” the
second day he came. Also, is now going for walks just around our
property on a leash. Vet checked him out as very healthy. And, the
trainer we’re working with is very impressed; said Rico had great
foundation. Also, our nine-year-old Lab accepted him immediately,
so all is well on that front.

Hope all is well with the other pups.

The attached photo was taken last Friday.


Owned and Loved By
Owned and Loved By
Hi Yvonne,

I just wanted to send a quick update on Edie. My parents bought her as a
Christmas present for me in 2007 and we picked her up from the airport,
January 2008. She was from the same litter as Crystal.

We absolutely love Edie and she is the center our our lives. Edie grew up
with me and my parents in sunny Southern California. When I moved to
Seattle this summer Edie came too.

Edie is quite spoiled and loves her orange ball/chuck it more than anything.
She has never slept a night on the floor as she much more prefers taking up
a large portion of our bed.

She is the sweetest dog I have ever known and loves to be cuddled and
loved. She is also complimented on how beautiful she is by every person
who meets her. She and her sister (a 6 month of Bengal/Tabby mix kitten)
love to play and chase each other around. Edie knows that she needs to be
gentle with this little creature and the way they act together is heart warming.

Thank you so much, Edie is the gift that keeps on giving. She makes
everyone's life that she comes in contact with just a little bit brighter!

Hi Yvonne,

I just wanted to check in with you regarding Harper! She had her second
veterinarian appointment today and she is doing awesome! She weighs
10.7 pounds and already knows how to sit, stay, come, twist, shake, lay
down and fetch her frisbee and ball...she is totally crate trained and
travels so good! We just love her! She is such a sweetheart��.

Thank you so much for your love and dedication in raising such Amazing
I will keep you updated as time goes by.

Gary & Kathy Hill
Owned and loved by the
Hill Family
I just wanted to check in and say hello and give you an update on Remy.  He is absolutely
amazing!  He has been working with a trainer over the past several months and is doing
fabulous.  Our trainer has worked with a few of your dogs and has commented that you are a
great breeder and your dogs have wonderful temperments.  Remy is currently recovering from
his neuter surgery--while I am keeping a close eye on him, I put together this short video.  I
hope you enjoy it.

Not sure if you hear from the Pierce family, but Rory is doing fabulous as well.  They are crazy
about their dog....  Rory has a Facebook page "Tuesdays with Rory" so you will have to check it

Best wishes to you and your family.  I am so thankful that Remy is a part of our family.


Just wanted to let you know we survived our first night and Remy is adjusting very well to his
new home. He is such a joyful addition to our family and I am so thankful for you and A Kings
You breed amazing dogs!
Thank you so much!
Owned and loved by the
Dureiko Family
We made it back to CA safe & sound & arrived home about 4:30pm – Dusty did great
for almost the entire trip!  My thanks to you for doing such a great job crate training
him!  The only time he whined was about the last half hour, which to me was

The first night in his new home he slept until about 4am - & after I took him out to
potty he slept for another 45 minutes.  Last night he again slept until 4am but after
taking him out he slept for almost two more hours.  The vet passed him with flying
colors – everyone there thought he was absolutely gorgeous – and I just received
the news that his fecal test was negative so we’ll be starting puppy socialization
class on Monday.  Housebreaking is going exceptionally well – he’s definitely a
smart & frisky puppy.  J

Thank you for being such an exceptional breeder – you truly raise quality dogs.  
Both my husband and I feel very fortunate that we found such an incredible breeder.  

I’ll keep you posted on his progress.  

Thank you,
Hi there,

I hope this email finds you well, I'm writing on behalf of the best little puppy I've ever
known. Kip is so smart and sweet and everyday someone comes up to us to tell us
how beautiful he is. He is my little hiking buddy, who is always down for an
adventure. I'm so glad i looked to A Kings Castle for my first puppy, I couldn't
imagine a better companion.

Here are just a few cute pictures of our little noodle.

I have about a million more but just so you can see how much he's grown over the
past few months.

Thanks a million,
Bailey and Jesse
Owned and loved by
Bailey and Jesse
Owned and loved by


Its been too long! I wanted to send you some more pictures and a few videos of this
cutie pie and tell you how happy I am with him! He’s been doing great! Training is
going well and potty training has improved. There are still accidents here and there,
very few if at all, but I don’t think that those are really in his control. He’s my little love
bug and definitely on his way to being a lap dog!! I know we talked about how he
was going to be on the bigger end of the scale: 22lbs right now!!...
Any who!!! I love this little guy....
Your new puppies are adorable and looks like most of them are gone already! Stay
Hello Yvonne,
Next week Anakin will be getting his 3rd vaccination I will send over some sort of
proof for this.
He has been doing absolutely incredible. He is very smart and playful. He is driven
by lots of love and toys. He even will play fetch with himself while I am cleaning or
He goes everywhere with me. He is good in the office, on hikes, canoeing, car
rides, and camping. He is very good with all people and very gentle and loves
children. He either loves or is indifferent to all dogs and puppies. He has been very
well socialized with people and pets of all kinds. He has been exactly what I
wanted in a companion and has fit in very well to my home.

He is absolutely gorgeous and I can't go anywhere without getting stopped by at
least half the people I see about how beautiful or how he is the cutest dog they
have ever seen.
Owned and loved by
Oliver and Coco
Owned and Loved By
Hi Yvonne,

It has been two years and we have loved every second with
Olivier. He is truly a fantastic little boy, he is so super friendly
to people and other dogs, has a great temperament, easy to
train, and is a people pleaser. He is still a little dare devil and
not scared by much. We so hope to be getting a second
from you someday. Thank you for breeding an awesome

Hi Yvonne,
Coco is doing great and keeping Oliver very busy. She is
super sweet and gorgeous we just love her so much!
Thanks for our second bundle of joy!
Merry Christmas! We love Chips to pieces. He is so
beautiful and sweet. Sleeps with my daughter every night.
He gets along great with our other two dogs and cat. People
always comment on him when we're in public.
Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

Owned and Loved By
The Baxter Family
Owned and loved by

Hi Yvonne,

I'm sure you probably get a lot of updates on your puppies but I wanted to tell you how well
Marley is doing. We all LOVE him so much but I think our lab Piper loves him the most. He is such
a good dog and an absolute joy to have in our house. He loves playing with the kids and Piper all
the time. He has the most fun at doggie daycare where he gets to play with a couple other mini
Aussies all day. I thought I would send a few pics so you could see how he looks. When I got him
he was the runt of the litter but has grown into a very good looking Aussie.

I hope you and your family are doing well and have a very nice holiday season.

Take care,

One month later……  Lucky is doing fantastic and our family absolutely
loves him.  He has changed so much in the past month.  We are still a
“work in progress” with him but we love him dearly.  He is a beautiful dog
and we took some pictures yesterday for our Christmas card and here is
one of MANY good ones that we took.  

We found out this weekend that Lucky can run really FAST.  He was
chasing our Gator at our farm and WOW he’s fast!!!  

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Hope you are doing well.

Update: 2/2/16

Hi Yvonne -

Happy New Year.  Hope your holidays were great and things are off to a
good start for you and your family.

Lucky is doing fantastic.  He is learning all sorts of new tricks etc.
these days with the dog trainer that comes a few times a month to work
with the kids.  He¹s been doing some agility training and we are going to
teach him how to play Treibball.  Have you ever heard of that sport?  He¹s
a happy dog.  It¹s been three months now and we just can¹t believe how
wonderful he is.  
Owned and Loved By
The Russo family
Owned and loved by

Hi Yvonne,

Attached are some pictures of Roscoe now that he's all grown up. He's around 22
pounds. He's the best companion a person could hope to have. He's happy and
healthy and makes friends everywhere we go. People at the dog park often ask
where I got him and I tell them all about you. Roscoe pretty much steals the show
wherever we go.

When it comes time to get a buddy for him (in addition to the cat), I will be back to
see you.

Thank you!

Happy Holidays!
Just a note to let you know how Starr is doing these days.  She has turned out to be
the most precious dog we have ever owned.  We love her so much!  She goes with
me everywhere.  She loves to travel and is a constant visitor in Sedona.  We eat at
some of the great restaurants there and we eat on the patio so they always have a
bowl for Starr.  She sleeps on the couch next to me or in my lap and if I am walking in
the house you can bet Starr is at my side.  She is so loyal and loving.  I thank you so
much for selling us the most perfect dog on the planet.  Also everywhere we go
people fall in love with her.  It is not just her beautiful looks but her behavior and
inner personality that draws people to her.
When we need to get another Aussie you will be who we call.  Again thanks for what
you do to make the mini Aussie an outstanding breed.  A dog of distinction!   I have
attached a recent picture of our Starr.

Owned and loved by
The Perryman Family
12/31/15  Emma doing what she
does best - making others feel
better :).  Great job Kim and Emma!

"Teddy" is 1 today!  Hi Yvonne this is Donna Stevenson. I
wanted to share Teddys pic with you! And also, thank you
for Teddy!  He is so awesome, sweet and beautiful:). Have
a great day!
Owned and Loved By
Tucker and Ruby
Owned and loved by
Jason and Jenae
Hi Yvonne!
It's been a little over 2 weeks since we picked up Ruby, and I have to tell you
she is a perfect fit! Tucker and Ruby are playing non-stop and are inseparable.
She is such a good girl! She has a great example to follow from Tucker. We
couldn't be happier with both dogs, you are the best breeder! Thank you so
much for raising up the best dogs, they bring us so much joy every single day!
Jason and Jenae
Owned and loved by
Jane and Greg
So Maverick got brave this morning and made it down the steps one time.
Here Maverick is...complaining that we left him inside, that Buddy is in his way,
and that he really CAN'T DO STEPS.
On our way back to IL. Currently in Abilene TX.

Maverick is coming into his own: a puppy who thinks he's all grown up
sometimes.  What a wonderful, funny, smart little pup! Thank you for letting us
share his life.  He has helped us to heal while showing us another side of
Aussies.  Well, we will keep in touch for sure! Good structure.  Great
temperament.  He continues to grow, learn, and develop.

Maverick went 2/2 in WCRL rally this weekend.  He was awesome.  Or as they
say in New England: we had wicked fun!  Not bad for his first: trial, indoors, on a
course, lots of dogs and peeps, lots of pretending to be
a good boy when he really  really REALLY wanted to
say hi!  We are very proud.
We love our puppy Jax.  He's the best....He is spoiled
rotten and he wears t-shirts.  Thank you so much we
are so grateful for him.

I'm sure in about  a year they will be moving into a
bigger house and want another one.  We will have to
give you a heads up.
Owned and loved by
Jane and Greg
Owned and loved by
yesterday. Clean bill of health!

We love her! She is happy, playful and adorable. She's
figured out how to go through the doggy door despite her
small size. Cooper was unsure of her and would walk away
when she came near but they have been playing together all
day today. They are going to be best buds. She is indeed a
licker and likes to nibble on our toes.

We'll send you an update in a few weeks when she goes in for
her shots.

Thanks a lot!
Owned and Loved by
the Watts Family
Hi Yvonne,
I hope you are doing well!  My girlfriend took a few pics of our sweet Adalade and I wanted to share
with you, these were taken at 20 – 21 much as possible and she has become quite the social
butterfly with our family and friends and their dogs as well.   She has made our lives so much
happier and full of fun and entertainment for sure!

Talk to you soon,
Cathy Darlington
owned and Loved by
the Darlington Family
Hello Yvonne,

About a year ago I got the most wonderful little dog from you and I
just wanted to share some pictures of him, so you can see how
great he grew up to be.

He is the sweetest, funniest and most intelligent dog I could have
asked for. He loves to play! Frisbee is his favorite but he also loves
hiking and playing fetch. He gets along with the cat and he loves
other dogs!

I'd like to get another mini eventually (probably within the year). Like
I said, he loves other dogs and I think he'd like to have a friend at
home. I'd love to get the next one from you again! He turned out to
be so great I can't even imagine having any other type of dog. I hope
you and your family are well and hopefully I'll be contacting you
again soon about getting a second pup.

She made it and she's perfect!
Owned and loved by
Victoria Frangadakis
Just a couple of pictures to share with you.
Keegan is an absolute love!  She went right to the
sliding door, went outside and did her business.
She's sleeps on daddy's tummy and has about a
million toys to keep her busy .  Thank you so much!
We love her!

Do you think she's a little spoiled? My mother in law
makes these greeting cards with her picture (look at
the back of them too).  She's made our world
beautiful! Thank you.
Owned and loved by
The Dempsey Family


I wanted to share some more recent pictures of this beautiful boy! We
love him so much and he is such a cuddle bug! �� He fits in with the
family and my older Aussie adores him. They are a perfect fit! He is
such a happy and fun boy. �� I always tell people about your website
and love to look at other puppies.

Thank you again for this perfect addition to our family ��

Taylor & Dillon
Owned and loved by
Taylor & Dillion
Owned and loved by
Irene Keller
Hi Yvonne,
He's doing very well.  He's willful and adorable and very trainable.  We are
working on potty training and cuddling and holding.  Tomorrow he's going to
meet my aunt.  Taking it slowly.  Vet on Thursday and I'll let you know what they

7/8/16 - Vet Visit
He got an A+

Hi Yvonne,
We have had him for 1 week now and he is settling in.  Already knows his name,
sit, come, kiss, shake and drop it.  Although he doesn't always drop it.  He knows
when he's being bad and he quite enjoys that.  He plays fetch too.  Great
progress for such a short time.  We're working on house breaking.  He's a love!!!!

Warmest Regards,
is amazing to us. She learned "Back Up" in a matter of seconds and loves it when we tell her to "go to her mark" which consists of a
bucket in the middle of the front room that she goes to and sits on. If she tangles in her leash I tell her to "fix it" and she does. It's just
amazing what she can do and how easy it's been to train her. We are excited about our first Christmas with her and attached is a picture
of her and "Oloff" that we had taken at Petsmart. We are taking a month off from school and will start a "fun" class the end of next month
called "Click a Trick." Mia loves School so I'm sure we will have to make a lot of "trips" into town just to go walk around so she can get
her fix of "People." She loves EVERYONE and does not know a stranger.  She may not have been the "most disciplined" student in
school, but she was the student who "most loved" her teacher. LOL Well, I hope this note finds you and your family doing well. We wish
you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Mike, Shawn and Mia

Update: 2/26/15


Hello. We just wanted to share with you that Mia is almost completed with her “fun” class and we are planning to test for the Canine
Good Citizen at the end of March. We have started some agility work with her and she is so amazingly athletic and flexible. She is 28
pounds and we watch her diet pretty closely. She has learned to close doors, jump through hoops, go around our legs and thru them
and so much more. She even plays “sad dog” when I ask her if she’s sad and she drops down on the floor and makes a groaning sound.
She can be pretty dramatic sometimes and has gotten more vocal with us like she is answering what we ask her. (I know that sounds
crazy, but she is pretty darn smart) We sometimes have to spell things out around her because she knows what we are saying. Mike and
I are so happy with this little girl and it’s so hard to believe how much she has accomplished and she’s only 10 months old. It’s literally
mind-blowing that she is always eager to learn and do more. She still acts totally crazy when we go into Pet Smart. She just gets so
excited to see EVERYONE and I swear we’ve taken her in there literally a hundred times. LOL Well, I will keep you posted on her
accomplishments and I attached a video of Mia with her first encounter of a “bell” and me asking her to ring it. It was literally less than a
minute for her to learn this. I hope this letter finds you and your family doing well.  Regards, Shawn and Mike

Hi Yvonne, this is Kathy Hill,  we bought a puppy from you in March of 2015,
she was born January 17, 2015. We call her Harper! I just thought I would send
you a picture I posted yesterday for national dogs day! She is so beautiful and
such a sweetheart❤️ Thank you again for such a beautiful dog ❤️

Yvonne , thought you would get a kick out of these beauties!'  Lux
them So much!!
Hi Yvonne! Just wanted to check in and make sure we are getting the
are enjoying her so much. She fits right in and is loved by all. Drs appt
went well and we will keep her up to date w shots etc....
We got the food and she is doing great- learning something new
everyday and doing well with her potty training. Here is a cute pic of
her I thought I would share:
weed has a great personality she just loves ever body. Lacee has a lot
of energy and love to play. We are enjoying her so much. Hope you
and your family are doing well.
Hi Yvonne,
I wanted to send you a picture of our baby Athena aka Shiloh ( we
adopted her last June from you ) . We love her!!!! . She is so feisty and
only weighs 11lbs!  Teddy loves his baby sister ,they play all the time
and enjoy going to dog park.
We are so happy we got to adopt her ..

Thank you
Heidi Heild
CIncy, Lady Lux, and Ace
Owned and loved by
The Hendershott Family
Owned and loved by
The Hill Family
Owned and loved by
The Adams Family
Owned and loved by
The Nell Family
Owned and loved by
The Heild Family
Owned and loved by
The Hathaway Family
I hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving with that delicious cheesecake.  We
arrived home late Saturday.  Calvin (now renamed Kona or as my husband likes to say,
always partial to Cappuccino or Cappy for short.  

Kona is a really good traveler and is a magnate to everyone who passes by.  He is getting
a lot of socialization!  We saw the vet on Sunday (11/27) who says he looks great and he
is impressed with his temperament.  Our cats are not sure yet but so far so good.  He is
He is settling into our home quite well and is sleeping a good 5 hours straight at night
and rarely whines which is awesome....

All in all, things are going well with our new family member. Thank you again for raising
such a beautiful, happy, playful little boy.  We are over the moon!
I can't believe it's been over a week since we got Harlow! She is such an incredibly
joyful energy in our lives and in our home. We cannot thank you enough for raising
such an amazing puppy. You were right, she is always up to play but is just as
happy to cuddle and kiss. It took her a few days, but she is now right in the middle of
the action with Kinser and Leila. As you can see, she is Kinser's fast friend. We have
even seen a change in Kinser-- he is so sweet and patient with her and has taught
her to tug and chase. He was the instant big brother. So amazing! You can see her
watching him fetch his frisbee, and she has even tried it a few times!  She is
EXACTLY what we hoped she would be and more. I wanted to let you know that we
took her to the Vet on Monday. She was the hit of the office, of course. The ladies at
the front, the other patients, and the vet were totally smitten. They even said they
were going to put her on their Facebook page as a new baby to the practice. Harlow
checked out as "perfect" and 100% healthy and on track. We've set up our next appt
for her next set of shots and I'll keep you posted on those. Do you need us to
forward you the Vet receipt? Harlow's just about potty trained-- most of the time she
but every once in a while she gets busy playing and forgets but we catch her before
she makes a mistake. She's so smart and good for so young! Overall, she plays hard
and sleeps hard, and LOVES hard. She sleeps about 3 to 4 hours at a time during the
nightime,and barely whines when settling down. Andy and I split getting up with
here, but it's really just once per night, about 2am. We love her so much and we are
be in touch!
Owned and loved by
Rebecca and Andrew

Thought I'd share this picture of Finley aka Diesel with you.  He is so sweet and
smart.  Already house trained, sits, lays down and stays (most of the time) :).  He
and our cat Benny have become buddies and all of the kids adore him.  

Thank you so much for such a wonderful pet! :)

Take care!

Owned and loved by
The Begue Family
She has been playing hard with all the kids in the neighborhood.  Plus we
found out are next door neighbors just got a 16 week old Westie, so she
Update 7/1/17
Rosie has just finished her first round of training and was the star.  In the fall we are
starting the second level.  She is the most amazing and loving dog we have owned.  
There may be a second one in our future.  Thank you.
Look at this beautiful girl you have given me!  She is spoiled! Lol  I
tell everyone they should get a pup from you!
Owned and loved by
Jennifer Hutchinson
Owned and loved by
The Ousounis Family
Hi Yvonne,
I just wanted to check in and let you know the puppies have settled in well to our
home and added a lot of joy to our lives. They are wonderful and we sincerely
thank you!


Owned and loved by the
Thompson family

My girlfriend Christa Melde and I got our puppy Zuko from you back in
February. He was born on Dec 23 2016, I think you had him named Cinch at the
time. I just wanted to share how incredibly happy we are with our handsome
little aussie pup. From the get go we could tell that he had a great
temperament and knew he was going to be a great dog.

Zuko has grown to be an incredible companion to us. From day one he was
sweet and friendly with everyone and everything and has grown into a very
well behaved, well socialized, and extremely fun addition to our family. He is
also by far the most handsome red tri that I’ve ever seen personally.

With Christa and myself being avid climbers who are outdoors camping and
climbing most weekends, Zuko gets more than enough exercise and loves
being our adventure buddy.
Owned and loved by
Aaron and Christa
Hi Yvonne,
19. Wow! What a wonderful addition you have blessed us with. Her Vet visits were
outstanding regarding her health status, temperament and personality. Dr Baker even
whispered to her, "I think you are going to convince me to get another puppy". We
believe him. She weighed in at 8.5 lbs last week. Great progress. Already she obeys
basic commands eagerly and without delay. Treats help of course. Amazingly, she is
Thank you for all you do to provide an outstanding breed. It's truly alabor of love and
we realized that when we first met you.

Bob & Sandy Bulakowski
Owned and loved by
Bob and Sandy
Dear Yvonne,
2 new dogs, and being an indoor-outdoor dog. She enjoys hanging out with our other dogs,
playing with a ball, and walking to a large park in the neighborhood. She's doing great with
a leash too, and she walked into her crate at bedtime. We're amazed at how quickly she's
adapting. We'll send pictures soon.

Best wishes,
Merrill and Richard

I can't begin to tell you how much joy Sydney has brought to our family and how much
everyone likes meeting her. After she is one year old and provided we pass the evaluation
for Pet Partners registration, we have an assignment waiting for us at the alternative high
school just down the street.

Our senior arthritic dog now has a new lease on life, thanks to Sydney.

Best wishes,
Owned and loved by
Merrill and Richard
Hello Yvonne,

I wanted to reach out during the holidays with a favorite snapshot of Hurricane Otis.   
Otis has grown to be a BIG boy and still growing.   He’s 35+lbs of solid muscle and
energy for miles.   We play ball at least an hour a day to keep his mischief down, and
he is learning his commands nicely.   We found Otis *loves* to swim and will jump into
the pool like a diving champion; so we want to explore Sporting Dog facilities as Otis
gets a little more focused.

Our older rescue dog, Barney, has been a really good big brother.  He has even
learned to come tell me if Otis is getting into something that does not belong to him.   
Thankfully, we avoided any major mishaps during the most chewy of the Puppy Days.  

I will send a more recent photo separately, but Kobie and I wanted to thank you for
such a wonderful strong mini-Aussie.  We cannot take Otis anywhere without being
showered with compliments on his appearance and personality.   Thank you so much.  
Owned and Loved by
Hello Yvonne,
Just wanted to share this adorable video.
Alice is adjusting really well to her new home. Many thanks
to you for her care, she uses the doggy door perfectly and
is doing great with potty training and sleeping well at night.
We love her!!

Owned and Loved by
The Faeth Family
Owned and Loved by
Hoping Wolfgang the Grouch falls under her spell soon!

It was wonderful to meet you & your lovely daughter.   King’s
Castle Aussies is a space of love & high spirits!


Hi there!

Finn (formally "Titan") is doing fabulous adjusting to his new life in Phoenix. He
loves his new backyard and does very well on the leash when we go on walks!
He knows "sit" "drop" "come" and "time to eat!"

He is a sweet boy and loves cuddles as much as he loves fetch and "herding"
the tree in my backyard.

Thank you again for such a great dog!

Owned and Loved by
Our Kona (Cinder) was found to be very healthy at her vet checkup on Tuesday.  She seems
to be really happy with her new home and loves the grass in the back yard.  She is so sweet
we just love her
Owned and Loved by
The Ayers Family
Hi Yvonne,

See attached. Macy is such a sweet little puppy. She absolute loves playing
with kids, neighbors and everyone she meets.

Awesome exercise buddy and excellent companion.

She is a quick study. She already knows sit, laydown, roll over and high five!

She is getting ready to start agility classes this month.

Thanks so much for this beautiful pup. We absolutely love her.

Merry Christmas!  
Owned and Loved by
The Gilfillan Family
Owned and Loved by
Bob Ferron
I just wanted to let you know that Lambeau is an unbelievable dog. He is sweet, smart,
and amazing. Thank you for breeding such a great puppy!!!!!
Owned and Loved by
The Geha family
Dear Yvonne,
I have been meaning to write. I am so in love with our dog. We have renamed Cara, Josie! She is
extraordinary!! The perfect dog for us and is loved by all. She looks to please and is so
confident. On our flight back from Arizona the woman in front of us asked for your name! It hasn’
t stopped there. Wherever we go Josie attracts an adoring crowd!
She sailed through puppy training and is healthy and happy. Thank you so much for everything
you’ve done to start this little gem on her path to being the terrific dog she is!
I hope all is well with you!
Thanks again!!

PS, I forgot to mention how beautiful she is!!
Owned and Loved by
The Sloan Family
Owned and Loved by
Nick Reinhardt

I adopted a puppy from you in early January and I just wanted to thank you for the best
puppy I could have asked for! Breck is the sweetest, most outgoing and smartest dog I
have ever met. He absolutely loves the snow and going on long hikes.  I couldn’t have
asked for a better puppy from such amazing breeders!
Owned and Loved by
The DeCamp Family
He and Phoebe have become great friends.  LOTS of playing.
A Kings Castle
Australian Shepherds
Owned and Loved by
Virginia Gould
Hi Yvonne,

I've been meaning to send you a note but time has escaped me since we
brought Audrey home! I first wanted to thank you for scanning and emailing
me the paperwork that I absentmindedly left behind, but more importantly,
for giving our family such a beautiful little puppy who is loads of fun. Ariel
has been such a good "mommy" to her too and is helping with her training.
They have so much fun playing together which has really made Audrey's
transition so easy and eliminated any anxiety she may have otherwise
experienced. Here's a pic of her in her favorite lounging position:

Thanks again,

Hi Yvonne.  
Just a quick Indy update.  He turned 6 months old yesterday and is turning into a
fine dog.  I call him mr. serious and my grandson says Indy needs to smile more.
LOL. He loves playing with the grand kids.. He's doing really good on his puppy
manners and is doing well on "fun tricks" also.  We take a hike every morning and
today did 2.4 miles around Lynx Lake.  He loves people and wants to greet
everyone we come across on the trails.  He weighs 32 lbs now and still has a ways
to go.  Hope all is well with you and your family.  Took this picture this morning.    
Owned and Loved by
The Stone Family
Owned and Loved by
The Carpenters
Hi Yvonne,
It was Lulu’s 7-month birthday yesterday. She’s still growing, not as fast but she has her
adult coat and is filling out. She is a very smart girl, highly athletic, headstrong, fearless
and loving. I’m preparing for her first (only) season after which when her bone growth is
complete she will be spayed immediately.

Lulu makes human (babies, too) and dog friends easily, and after each super-charged
day we all look forward to a good night’s sleep. Luckily with her rambunctious nature,
we did find a “sleeper” as well. Training is going well, ups and downs as she learns so
much every day about the world around her. Who’d have thought she could drive with
us to Texas and back and make friends in five cities, five hotels, during one week’s trip!
Whew! No, she’s not old enough for her drivers’ license yet (ha ha) so can’t share that
burden but has her own “room” with orthopedic bed, toys, water bowl in the back of my
SUV. A great travel dog, Lulu sleeps on highways and pops her head up on off-ramps.
“Dinner?” “Walk?” This time she met her first carriage horse in downtown Memphis, and
cattle out at the ranch. There’s a sheep herding assessment coming up this fall that she
may enter.

Everyone says she’s gorgeous and sweet and asks where we got her. “Of course! I’ll
write it down for you.” Thanks for a great dog. She is happy, healthy and loved. The

ps Photo taken of Lulu May 4, 2019 at Back Bay Park, Dee
Thought it was time we updated you on our Winston, the Canadian!
He is a super pup, or as we refer to him “Winston the wonder dog”. He has
done his basic Puppy Training thru our Humane Society and will begin his
Basic Agility late fall!
He is Mr. Social with both humans and other dogs! He gets daily
complements on his looks and manners!
After two years of discussion on purchasing a puppy and turning our retired
lives upside down we are not sorry! Life requires a little more planning and
the spontaneity is not as available, but the trade off is unmeasurable! He has
added a whole new dimension to our lives!
Thank you for being a breeder with high standards and great expectations
for the pups you breed!
Norma-Jean and Jack Burns
Cochrane Alberta Canada
Owned and Loved by
The Burns
I wanted to shoot you a quick note and tell you Stitch (formerly known as JAX) is
doing really well. He has made himself right to home and is allowing us to continue
living here and paying for his new lifestyle – which is growing in expensive ��. We are
feeding him Halo for puppies and he’s doing really well on it, our Vet says is perfect
size and weight and thinks he will probably be about 35 pounds full grown. He
enjoys no rawhide chews on occasion and loves small bites of apple with a little
smear of peanut butter, fresh pieces of carrot and zucchini for snacks.

He has an amazing temperament, not just because we say so but everyone who
meets his says the same even with strangers he’s calm and sweet. He’s scary smart
too, already fully potty trained, yard trained and survival basic commands like come,
sit, and stay have been mastered at least for a short time. He still suffers from a short
attention span but we are working on it and he’s barely 4 months old. Tom is doing
most of the training since they are inseparable, he’s definitely Daddy’s boy. I’m not
sure who is benefitting more Stitch or Tom.

Now that all his shots are done, he spends a few hours at a time at the office so he
gets doggy play time and additional socializing and he has done really well on his
lunch outings – we are super proud of his behavior around other dogs and patrons,
he lays with Mom and Dad even with sensory overload and doesn’t bark or pull
towards other tables or dogs. He sits when someone asks to pet him, most of the
time. He’s better behaved than most of the adult dogs and his brilliance is noticed by
everyone around us. Not to mention his extreme cuteness, his looks are a definite
show-stopper everywhere we go. We have given your kennel name out to anyone
who askes where we got him and there have been many. Hopefully you have been
messaged by some. I give out your website only, never your phone.
Owned and Loved by
Norma-Jean B
Hope all is well and you and your family are well!
Winston turned 2 this past week and he is a great dog and a big part of our lives!
Thanks again for your quality breeding program!
Norma-Jean Burns
Owned and Loved by
The Carpenters